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                                                             I had a rather easy pregnancy and
                                                             delivery. So, I had imagined that my
                                                             breastfeeding journey would be as

                                                             smooth. However, things turned out
                                                             to be just the opposite.  My son had
                                                             trouble latching on to my breasts, and I
                                                             experienced terrible pain during feeding.
                                                             I started dreading feeding times. I was

                                                             depressed, guilty, and worried that I
                                                             will not be able to breastfeed my baby
                                                             ever. The anxiety further reduced my

                                                             milk supply. During these difficult times,
                                                             my husband and parents showered
                                                             love, care, and support on me. It
                                                             was only because of their constant
                                                             encouragement that I could overcome
                 Breastfeeding was not                       all the challenges and exclusively
                 easy but my family gave                     breastfeed my child for six months and

                 me strength.                                continued breastfeeding even after that.

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