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                                                             The onset of my labour pain was sudden
                                                             at 30 weeks. My daughter was born ill
                                                             and weighed only 1500 grams. She was

                                                             shifted to the sick newborn care unit
                                                             of the hospital immediately. I was also
                                                             not able to produce sufficient milk for
                                                             my child. I felt dejected and was eager
                                                             to help my child in any way I could. The

                                                             support of the doctors and nurses at the
                                                             hospital proved to be a blessing.

                                                             My daughter was provided pasteurized
                                                             donor milk from the milk bank, which
                                                             improved her health greatly. In addition,
                                                             my nurse told me about kangaroo
                                                             mother care and its benefits. She also
                 I am thankful for all the                   taught me the ways to practice it.  Now I

                 support given to me by                      give skin-to-skin contact to my daughter
                 the hospital.                               two to three times every day.  She has

                                                             started gaining weight and has been
     Stories of Change
                                                             discharged from the care unit.

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