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        Breastfeeding is imperative for a baby’s survival,     In 2017, the Government of India released
        health, nutrition, development of trust and            the “National Guidelines on Lactation
        sense of security, and brain development and           Management Centers in Public Health
        learning. Optimal infant and young child feeding       Facilities” to increase the access to human
        (IYCF) practices, especially early initiation and      milk for all babies. Human milk banks in India are
        exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months,      known as Comprehensive Lactation Management
        help ensure newborns the best possible start           Centres (CLMCs). CLMCs play an essential role in
        to life. Despite known benefits, breastfeeding,        providing donor human milk to infants who are
        especially exclusive breastfeeding rates, are          otherwise unable to receive their mothers’ own
        low. Faster progress is possible, but it demands       milk. These CLMCs collect, screen, store, process,
        that breastfeeding is supported. These actions         and dispense donor human milk.
        include behavior change communication through
        counseling and support during lactation. Mothers       Globally, PATH is working with a vision to ensure
        are more likely to breastfeed where breastfeeding      access to human milk for all babies. We, CHRI (a
        is encouraged, promoted, and supported.                not-for-profit organization established in India,
                                                               affiliated to PATH), have partnered with Philips
        Prematurity is the leading cause of neonatal           India on a project called SNEHI (Strengthening
        mortality and morbidity in India and globally.         Newborn Nutrition and Essential Healthcare
        In India, each year, 3.5 million babies are born       Interventions in India). Our efforts are directed
        preterm; the highest in the world. India also          to ensure that effective lactation management
        has a high number of low-birth weight infants.         systems are present in every newborn care unit so
        Feeding these newborns is fraught with additional      that all babies have access to lifesaving human
        challenges, such as prolonged separation of            milk as part of comprehensive newborn care.
        mothers and babies, delay in attachment to the
        breast, low priority given to breastfeeding by         ‘Stories of Change’ is a booklet highlighting
        physicians, and lack of skilled counseling and         the experiences of breastfeeding mothers and
        hands-on support to mothers to breastfeed              CLMC managers, our champions of human
        and express milk.  Nearly, 71% of all prematurity-     milk donation, who have successfully ensured
     Stories of Change  effective interventions  such as breastfeeding;   the triumphs of exclusive human milk feeding
                                                               exclusive breastfeeding. These stories showcase
        related deaths can be averted using cost-
                                                               and hope to inspire our readers to support
        exclusive human milk feeding; kangaroo mother
                                                               breastfeeding and human milk donation.
        care; family participatory care; and infection

     4  prevention, early detection, and treatment.
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